The Board of Directors of Quorum have entered a partnership with Lavender Magazine to bring our members some great advertising opportunities within our own local GLBT community and allies.  We understand that bringing value to our members businesses is top priority and we are pleased to announce exclusive and phenomenally discounted advertising packages.  Lavender magazine has a circulation of over 56,000 pairs of eyes per issue including print, online, iPad and iPhone editions each month! 

As part of this partnership, Quorum will have its own section in 12 issues of Lavender starting with the February 20, 2014 issue of Lavender. This section will feature Quorum related editorial content, including upcoming Quorum events and a link to our business directory. In addition, Quorum members who advertise in Lavender can have their ads appear in this section, which will have a unique background design and color that stands out and makes it obvious readers are viewing the Quorum section. 

If you are a current advertiser in Lavender and would like to have your ad be placed in the Quorum section, all we need is your permission to place your ad in our section. There are no additional charges to have this placement in the Quorum section, the only requirement is that your Quorum membership is active. 

If you are up for renewal for your Lavender advertising,  or you do not currently advertise with Lavender, but wish to be in the new Quorum section, please contact Barry Leavitt at Lavender for special Quorum rates as low as $289 per ad on 6 and 12 ad packages.   Barry can be reached at 612-436-4690 and barry@lavendermagazine.com.  

The Quorum rate sheet is as follows:

Size Quorum 6-pack/12-pack rate

Full $1,619 per ad
2/3 $1,249 per ad
1/2 $989 per ad
1/3 $679 per ad
1/4 $569 per ad
1/6 $399 per ad
1/12 $289 per ad

The special Quorum rates are lower than the 14x rates without having to purchase 14 ads

These are the issues that will feature the Quorum section:

Spring Home & Garden (February 20), Spring Weddings (March 20), Restaurant Edition/Dining Out For Life (April 17), Summer in the Cities (May 15), Lavender Pride Edition (June 12), Pride In Pets (July 10), Senior Living/Pride (August 7), Fall Arts & Dining (September 4), Lavender Community Awards Edition (October 2), Fall Weddings (October 30),  Holiday Gift Guide (November 27), Lavender Yellow Pages (December 26) Romantic Dining & Getaways/Valentine’s Gift Guide (January 22, 2015).

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Amy Ruzick - 651 492-1044

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